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!.  Toilet paper is the only thing approved by Al to go down the toilet.  No baby wipes !

2. What goes down the drain goes into the septic tank.  The wastewater from the washer, sink and toilet all go into the septic tank.

3.  The amount of wastewater that comes from the house is the same amount that leaves the septic tank.  The water goes to the leach lines.  Washers put 50 to 60 gallons of wastewater into your tank.  Excessive rain will keep your leach lines full of water.  This can cause your water to drain slowly.  Your septic system is having trouble.  Make sure you have your tank cleaned about every four years depending on the size of your tank and the number of people in your home.

4.  Check your detergents packaging to determine if it is septic safe.  You will need your reading glasses.

5.  Al only recommends Brewers Yeast for your septic tank. Yes that is the stuff you use to make bread.  One package a month to help the bacteria. 

6.  Only use bleach when necessary (on whites) it will kill the bacteria in the tank.  You need bacteria in the tank.